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Tweet Comparing Football Fans To K-Pop Fans Goes Viral For Its Replies

Fans everywhere love this hilarious viral tweet!

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is currently happening in Qatar and football fans everywhere are posting about the event on social media. These games draw hundreds of thousands of fans to their stadiums each game. A few years ago, a fan on Reddit noticed the similarities between K-Pop fans and football fans and had this to say:

I’ve been a football fan for basically half of my life and I can say I both of them are literally the same species with different interests. The way we are angry with the board basically is the same as K-Pop fans with companies and the way we cherish the club is the same as K-Pop fans with their group.


This sentiment was echoed with a tweet currently going viral that simply asks the question “Imagine people spoke about football the way K-Pop fans speak about idols and groups.”

The tweet has since garnered hundreds of replies and thousands of quotes with examples of what it would look like if football fans tweeted more like K-Pop fans.

There were dozens of fan edit videos:

There were countless K-Pop memes that fans recreated to fit football players instead of their favorite idols:

Fans made sure to include the king of football fan-service as well:

It also seemed that many fans believed the differences between both football fans and K-Pop fans were not much, just as the Reddit user from before pointed out.

The two fandoms clearly have a lot in common!



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