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TWICE Discloses Whether Or Not We Can Expect Another Solo Or Unit Activity From The Group

They are grateful for every opportunity!

TWICE, who has recently returned with their new mini album, READY TO BE, held a Q&A session regarding the release. Before the comeback, they also dropped the English single, “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE,” and garnered much attention from fans worldwide.

Last year, Nayeon marked a successful start as the first solo runner in TWICE with her song “POP!” I know that MISAMO is also preparing a Japanese album. Can we expect another solo or unit from TWICE?

TWICE’s Jihyo | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Jihyo: We plan to continue to show you a new side of TWICE as a group. If the opportunity arises, we can show the charms of our members through solo or unit activities.

In May 2022, you became the first K-Pop girl group to perform and sell out at a North American stadium performance in L.A. What are the charms of stadium performances, and what did you feel throughout the performance? I’m also curious how it felt to Emet more domestic and international fans this year.

Sana: Last year’s encore concert in L.A was an outdoor stage due to the nature of the stadium venue, and I remember feeling warmed up by the sunlight during the day and the cool breeze blowing at night. It made me think about the fan meeting in Korea before and realize that I like outdoor stages too!

Jihyo: I feel grateful seeing the size our our tour getting bigger each time, and at the same time I enjoy the performances even more. I want to repay the fans who cherish TWICE and visit the concert hall by giving them great performances and delivering good energy.

Mina: It was when I realized that people also love us a lot overseas. The weather was really nice during the performance, so I think the members were even more excited.

TWICE’s Dahyun | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Dahyun: We are starting out fifth tour starting in Soul in April. We have been waiting for a new tour as much as ONCE has and we are already excited and looking forward to meeting our fans.

Chaeyoung: I’m very excited to be able to meet more local fans than on previous tours. I want to perform and face fans directly as soon as possible.

Tzuyu: I can feel that many people worldwide like TWICE, but it’s also a strange feeling. We are so happy to show our songs and perform for more fans.

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Compared to the previous world tour, the size and scale of the tour have extended to a greater extent. What can audiences expect from the new world tour?

Jeongyeon: This tour is scheduled to be the largest of TWICE’s own in many ways, including the concert hall. We will show the best stage, so the fans will not regret attending the concert. Please look forward to our new image!

TWICE’s Chaeyoung | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

I’m curious as to what kind of preparations each of you has made for this comeback!

Dahyun: We are ready to meet with fans worldwide through this comeback!

Chaeyoung: Health! To meet many fans this year, health is more important than anything else. I am working hard!

Tzuyu: I am ready to meet our ONCE through TWICE’s new tour! I want to practice well for the concert and meet with the fans soon. See you soon!

Thanks to the amazing achievements of last year and the positive results that have poured in from the beginning of the year, TWICE’s first comeback in 2023 exceeded 1.7 million pre-orders as of March 7. They have set their own record once again and predicting a second consecutive million seller following their previous album.




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