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TWICE’s Nayeon Goes Viral For Her Unbelievable Real Life Body Proportions And Visuals

One of K-Pop’s top girl groups, TWICE, recently came back with their new single, “Talk That Talk,” which has gained over 16 million views in just 24 hours. The music video features the girls in arguably their most mature and daring outfits ever.

TWICE members Dahyun, Sana, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, Momo, Jeongyeon, Nayeon, Jihyo, and Mina (from left to right) | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

These concepts have had their fandom, nicknamed by TWICE as ONCE, screaming, crying, and throwing up with excitement.

Nayeon, known as the face of the group, specifically had ONCEs losing it over her stunning visuals. She was also recently the first in the group to release a solo EP, or extended play, titled Im Nayeon.

Despite having seen the music video and teasers, ONCEs were aghast when TWICE came out to greet them outside a music show because Nayeon looked even better in real life! Her body proportions were out of this world.

They couldn’t believe she looked so good she could overcome the terrible camera quality.

Even when Nayeon was pouting, she looked incredible! All of the TWICE members looked effortlessly flawless beside her as well.

TWICE members Mina (left), Nayeon (center), and Sana (right) | Spinel CAM/YouTube

With TWICE becoming more comfortable with adventurous and adult concepts, there’s no telling what they will try next, but it’s almost guaranteed they’ll look gorgeous no matter what idea they pursue.

Check out TWICE’s music video for “Talk That Talk” below.



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