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Unable To Get BTS On His Show? Jimmy Fallon Had The Best Solution To Still Promote Them

That’s Jimmy Fallon for you.

Since debuting, BTS has amassed a huge number of fans worldwide, and after their growth worldwide, they even gained a lot of celebrity fans.

One person who has always been a huge fan of the group is American talk show host Jimmy Fallon. The group has appeared on his show several times, and ARMYs always love the interactions between them.

BTS and Jimmy Fallon | @FallonTonight/ Twitter

However, it seems as if even when the group isn’t actually on the show, Jimmy Fallon finds any way to promote the group and showcase his love for BTS! Jimmy was  joined by Marvel actor Simu Liu, the lead in Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings.

As expected, the duo had some fun and they played a game of Beat Saber. The aim was to hit certain obstacles through VR with a lightsaber, and they would do it to a song of their choice.

When it came to the turn of Jimmy Fallon, he already knew exactly what track he had to play along to, and it was none other than BTS’s track “Dynamite.”

Throughout the track, Jimmy was definitely channeling his inner BTS. When Simu Liu asked, “BTS, right?” even though Jimmy seemed immersed in his game, he still wanted to show his inner ARMY and shouted “BTS!” in reply.

Although he claimed that the clapping from the crowd was distracting him because even they were seriously hooked by “Dynamite,” Jimmy was definitely slaying the song. Even as it got towards the end of the fast-paced song and Jimmy decided he wanted it to finish, he ended on a high, and fans got to see the TINYTan characters appear on the screen.

As soon as the video was posted on the show’s social media, ARMYs flooded the comments with their appreciation and love for Jimmy using BTS’s track. Considering Jimmy is someone who has always shown love to the members, it isn’t surprising that they were so happy.

Yet, it isn’t the first time Jimmy Fallon has been praised for showcasing BTS in the best light and promoting them. Whenever the members are on his show, he always makes sure that they have time to have fun and showcase their talent. It is the perfect way to ensure that newer fans or those who don’t know about the band can learn more.


In particular, fans have noticed that he also has the taste of a true ARMY. A tweet has recently been shared online showcasing Jimmy Fallon listening to BTS’s album and choosing their track “Fly To My Room” as the song he wants them to perform on his show.

As always, Jimmy continues to prove why ARMYs love him so much. Hopefully, with the group in America, they will get a chance to meet again. In the meantime, you can watch the whole clip below.




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