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VIVIZ’s SinB Wonders About The “Ex-Boyfriend” She Never Met

“Curator” host HoonD surprised SinB by asking about the “ex” she had never met.

After nearly a year, VIVIZ is back with their new mini-album VERSUS, and the talented trio is officially promoting their songs “Maniac” and “Untie.”

(From left:) VIVIZ’s SinB, Umji, and Eunha | @VIVIZ_official/Twitter

To celebrate the release of their fourth mini-album, the three talented members appeared on the new variety show Curator.

Curator is hosted by HoonD, who takes guests through an “art museum” filled with pieces that reference specific stories about the episode’s featured guest.

HoonD and VIVIZ | 큐레이터 – Curator/YouTube

VIVIZ’s Curator episode was mysteriously titled, “Looking for SinB’s ex-boyfriend,” referencing a story HoonD had read about SinB from when she was a member of GFRIEND.

HoonD revealed that he had looked up a few stories about the VIVIZ members before they arrived for filming and came across one about SinB’s “ex-boyfriend.”

The host explained that a GFRIEND fan had a photo of SinB in his wallet, which a taxi driver saw.

The taxi driver asked if the photo was of the fan’s girlfriend, and the fan confirmed it was, stating they had been a couple for “four days.”

However, the taxi driver clarified that they were simply identifying the person in the photo as GFRIEND’s SinB, not questioning the fan’s relationship status. This clarification humorously exposed the fan’s false claim.

SinB responded to the funny moment, revealing that she was curious about the fan who claimed they were her “boyfriend.” HoonD jokingly replied, “Let’s look it up, shall we?

She hilariously asked her fake “ex-boyfriend,” “Where are you?” before declaring that she wanted to know who “dated” her for those four days.

Check out the full story in the video below!



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