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Was It Intentional? A Detail About Ha Ye Sol’s Scene You Might’ve Missed In Netflix’s “The Glory”

She wanted those stocks for a reason.

Netizens noticed a minor and almost unnoticeable detail in Netflix‘s K-Drama The Glory during scenes with Ha Ye Sol, the daughter of Park Yeon Jin and Ha Do Young.

Ha Ye Sol (left) and Jeon Jae Jun (right) | Netflix

Towards the end of the series, Ha Ye Sol’s birth father, Jeon Jae Jun, rushes to Ye Sol’s soccer practice and yells:

I’m your real dad. I’ll explain everything I even bought Samsung Electronics and Kakao stocks!

— Jeon Jae Jun

| Netflix

Jeon Jae Jun told her he bought stocks in Samsung Electronics and Kakao because earlier in the show when he figured out he was her birth father, he asked what she liked. He asked her, “What do you like? Gaming consoles? Dolls?” Ye Sol replied, “I like stocks. Samsung Electronics or Kakao.”

Even though she admitted that it was just a joke that her mom told her to say if anybody asked her that question, netizens couldn’t help but notice something about the specific companies she chose.

On an online forum, a netizen pointed out why Ye Sol chose Samsung Electronics and Kakao: because she can only see those colors.

Color-blind test | Westchester Health

The Glory shows us that Ye Sol is color-blind, just like Jeon Jae Jun. Therefore, the netizen posted two pictures of how someone who is not color-blind would see the pictures versus someone who is red/green color-blind.

According to Westchester Health, the most common form of colorblindness is red/green color blindness—and that is what Jeon Jae Jun and Ha Ye Sol have in The Glory. To people with red/green color blindness, what is red, green, or colors that have a mix of red or green in them, appear to be shades of yellow and blue.

Samsung Electronics is known for its blue logo, and Kakao’s signature is bright yellow. Therefore, some netizens are pointing out that the logo colors for the two companies she chose represent the colors she can see.

Whether it was intentional or merely a coincidence, netizens responded to this theory with remarks like, “The details…” and “Wow.” Some even believed this was intentional and praised the writer Kim Eun Sook for her attention to detail.

  • “*shudder*”
  • “You’re right… she probably can’t see Naver and Netflix…”
  • “Oh, what was this intentional?”
  • “Wow, Kim Eun Sook is crazy lol”
  • “Wow”
  • “Wow… That’s crazy lol”
  • “Whoa but that’s heartbreaking”
  • “So that’s why hahaha I thought it was because they’re expensive LOL”
  • “She said it’s because her mom told her to say that lol”


Source: theqoo and Westchester Health (1) and (2)



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