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WayV’s Lucas, Kun And Xiaojun Showed Zero Regrets When Calling Out Sasaengs

They bravely called out sasaengs.

On January 18, 2021, amidst the freezing weather, WayV was diligently filming for one of their scheduled items. However, it seems that some sasaengs have crossed the line, following them to the undisclosed schedule, even photographing the boys.

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Unable to contain their anger, the boys called out the sasaengs via Dear. U Bubble messages. Lucas snapped a photo of a few sasaengs huddled near a taxi cab and called them out stating, “everyone, we are currently in the midst of filming but some of such people have come and the weather is also like this so why… this is so ridiculous, really. I’m so angry. But I’m sorry everyone, for suddenly being like this.

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Xiaojun kept it simple and simply called these sasaengsso rude“. He also urged them to live kindly.

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Kun on the other hand, called them out for snapping photos of the boys when they were headed to the washroom.

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In a serious invasion of privacy, the sasaengs can be seen taking close up shots of the boys heading somewhere.

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It is not the first time NCT and WayV members have struggled with sasaengs. Previously, NCT members Haechan and Taeyong have called sasaengs out.



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