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“Weak Hero Class 1” Actor Park Jihoon Confesses He’s A Military Geek

Fans have learned something new!

Singer and actor Park Jiihoon, who won the Best New Actor award at the Blue Dragon Series Awards, held a special interview with media outlet Sports Chosun. He was recognized for his acting skills and stardom through the wavve original series, Weak Hero Class 1. Through the interview, he shared his thoughts from that special day and revealed his secret hobby.

In particular, he revealed that he continues to harbor hopes of enlisting in the military. He confessed that he was a mildeok (military geek).

I’m really excited about joining the military. I want to go quickly. I’m a military geek, and I love disassembling firearms and have loved guns, shells, and helicopters since I was young.

He also shared his secret hobby.

I have a secret hobby. I collect guns as a legitimate hobby. So, I have some guns at home and at work. That means you have to apply oil and take care of them well. Buying one is a bit pricey so I don’t buy them often, but I currently have three or four long guns, and if you count handguns, I have about seven.

I also own BB guns, and if you were to count them as guns, I would probably have a total of about ten or more guns. I even tried to find and join a club, but it wasn’t easy to find one. There were guidelines to how many guns as well as age restrictions. Some people gathered in certain cities so it was not easy for me to join them.


It’s also a pretty rare sight to see an idol/actor want to go to the military so badly.

I want to join the military quickly. I want to go to a difficult place. Honestly I want to join the Marine Corps, but I want to join the Marine Corps Search Team, like where actor Oh Jong Hyuk went. People have told me to never go there. In fact, except for three or four of my classmates in high school, all of them were Marines.

Some went to Baeknyeong and others went to Pohang, but everyone said, ‘Why are you choosing to go to a difficult one?’ But when people tell me not to go, I want to go more. I want to do something difficult, something that other’s don’t do. So as I get older, I know I will want to go to a more easy route, so from the age of 20, I only wanted to go to the Marine Corps or the Marine Corps Search Team.


Currently, he is filming for the upcoming KBS series, Fantasy Sonata.



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