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Where Are They Now? The K-Pop Group That Debuted In Blackface

They also performed on stage in blackface.

K-Pop groups over the years have debuted with all kinds of different concepts. From EXO‘s original superpowered debut…

EXO’s Xiumin, Chanyeol, and Lay in “Mama.” | SM Entertainment

…to fourth-generation girl group aespa’s AI-related universe, creative concepts have been one way to stand out.

aespa | SM Entertainment

In an effort to stand out, some groups go for very questionable concepts, much like the Bubble Sisters, whose debut concept earned them heavy criticism from netizens worldwide.

In 2003, the Bubble Sisters debuted with their album First Impression. In the promotional imagery for the album, the group were shown with painted skin and styled in wigs, including braids and an afro.

Bubble Sisters

In addition to this styling becoming the image on the group’s album, they also performed in this blackface on stage, shocking many worldwide.

Bubble Sisters album


According to KoreaTimes, the reasoning behind the styling was that the members were not confident in their appearances and that the styling was a way to go against the traditional ideas of how a celebrity should look.

Though the group were talented singers, this took a backseat to the image they portrayed. After promoting “Bubble Song” and another song from the album, the group disappeared until 2006, when they returned with two different members, Kim Min Jin and Choi A Rom, and a revamped image.

Bubble Sisters second line-up.

This lineup released multiple single albums and one full album before another line-up change added members Rang Show and Ji Young, both of which have appeared in different King of The Masked Singer episodes.

This newest line-up saw a resurgence in popularity in 2017 when they appeared on Immortal Songs 2 and performed on several different episodes.

After this, they released two more full albums, and several singles, including a digital track dedicated to those suffering from COVID-19 and the floods that took place in 2020.

Bubble Sisters latest promotional imagery. | Bubble Sisters/Facebook

As a group, they continue to release singles, the most recent coming out last year.

Of all past and present members, Kim Suyeon of the original line-up is the most active, posting many videos to TikTok, while Rang Show of the latest line-up has shared covers of NewJeans songs on her YouTube account.


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