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Where Is She Now: The 35-Year Old Actress Who Went Viral For Looking Just Like A High School Student

She’s incredibly youthful!

An actress went viral in 2018 for perfectly embodying the role of a high school student in one of her K-Dramas.

This was none other than actress Oh Ji Eun. She made her debut in the SBS K-Drama Bad Family before moving on to productions such as Smile, Dong HaeThree Brothers, and Unknown Woman, the show where she garnered attention for her young looks.

Netizens know her best for her ageless beauty. She could pass as a true high school student despite already being 35 years old at the time of filming. It was almost impossible to tell that she was in her mid-30’s!

Several years after she first went viral, Oh Ji Eun is now 41 years old and still looking incredibly young for her age!

Born in 1981, her skin is still blemish-free, smooth, and healthy. It makes it a step more difficult to decipher her age.

Most people would believe her to be at least a decade younger than her actual age.

Oh Ji Eun married a Korean American in a private ceremony in 2017.

They visited Hong Kong in 2021, with the former sharing simple gym updates on her Instagram page.

Notably, she has yet to act in another film, TV show, or music video since 2019. Her last appearance was in the MBC K-Drama The Golden Garden where she played the main role of Sabina.

As seen on her Instagram page, she is peacefully living her life surrounded by family and friends. She spends her time reading books, traveling, and indulging in good food.

And of course, one thing hasn’t changed since then: she still looks as youthful as ever!

Read more about her below!

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