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Where Is She Now? The MAXIM Korea Model Called “Ugly” And “Fat” No Matter How She Looked

She is really living her best life!

MAXIM is a magazine brand known for featuring beautiful and sexy women on its pages. While the brand began in the United Kingdom, it has expanded to over 20 other countries worldwide, including Korea.

| MAXIM Korea

During 2018 and 2019, a model received much attention for her visuals in her photo shoots, even placing second in American MAXIM’s “Cover Girl Contest.” Kim Woo Hyun‘s good looks and voluptuous body had many enchanted!

Kim Woo Hyun | MAXIM Korea

Not everyone was a fan of the sexy model, however, as comments she made during an Instagram live pointed towards her having received hate. She clapped back at naysayers, questioning why they would have such high standards for other people.

People call me fat if I don’t lose weight, not attractive if I do lose weight, and that there’s nothing to see if I make the effort to exercise. If you have such high standards, why don’t you do anything to manage your own appearances?

— Kim Woo Hyun

Fans showed her support immediately after this, something she thanked her supporters for.

But what has the model been up to since 2019?

| MAXIM Korea

According to her Instagram, Kim Woo Hyun looks more gorgeous than ever and is living her best life! She loves attending music festivals like WATERBOMB and spending time with her dog.

| @woohye0n/Instagram 
| @woohye0n/Instagram 

On June 9, Kim Woo Hyun released her first album and a music video for the track “닮은사람조차.” In addition to looking gorgeous in the MV, she also is a very talented singer!

Most are probably curious whether or not she continued modeling after getting so much hate.  Thankfully, she did not let the negativity get to her and has continued modeling, even releasing a photobook!

| @woohye0n/Instagram

She also was the cover star for the February 2023 edition of MAXIM Korea.

| MAXIM Korea

Kim Woo Hyun also seems to have picked up an interesting and unexpected new hobby — wrestling! Though she hasn’t posted about it in a while, she has a YouTube video detailing her wrestling record and even won second place in her weight class at a competition.

| @woohye0n/Instagram

It’s great to see the model living life to the fullest! You can check out an update on another MAXIM Korea model below.

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