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Where Is The Winner Of Netflix’s “Physical: 100” Now?

Here’s what he’s doing now.

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After nine episodes worth of physically demanding challenges to find the “perfect physique,” Woo Jin Yong was named the winner of Physical: 100.

In the final episode of Season 1, this incredible athlete won the final challenge (unraveling heavy ropes) to take first place over runner-up Jung Hae Min. Although there was some debate about who the true winner was, in the end underdog Woo Jin Yong took home the glory and a cash prize of ₩300 million (approximately $223,000 USD).

Finalist Woo Jin Yong | @jdsbx/Instagram

So, what is Season 1’s #1 bad*ss doing now? Since winning the competition, Woo Jin Yong has continued to participate in and promote CrossFit, one of his top passions. (The other one is snowboarding).

As expected, he has continued the grueling workouts, such as sled pulling, that helped him become #1…

…and he has kept in touch with some of his Season 1 cast-mates, like Choo Sung Hoon

…and Shin Bomire.

He has also been spending quality time with his dog, Mikey.

In short, he’s living his best life!



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