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Who Is He? The “Love Wins All” Composer Who IU Scouted Herself

IU isn’t just talented herself, she has a sharp eye for talent as well!

She recently released her newest song “Love Wins All” which stole the heart of listeners all over the world. They loved her sweet vocals, the heart-wrenching lyrics, and the seamless melody.

In the “IU TV” vlog detailing the music video filming process, IU couldn’t help but rave about the person who made the song: Seo Donghwan

As musicians you [are] the best, but Donghwan is insane.


He is the keyboardist of IU’s interview show home band, Palette Band, and also someone she works with constantly.

The man in question is the composer and arranger of IU’s newest song “Love Wins All.” He also worked on the track “My Christmas List” by Jung Seung Hwan which IU wrote the lyrics for as well as many others.

As someone who is always featured in “IU’s Palette,” he has met numerous celebrities. His good-natured personality has made him a hit among many of them, including the male lead in the “Love Wins All” music video, BTS‘s V!

IU: Do you know the composer of this song? It’s someone you know: Donghwan, the keyboardist of Palette Band. You liked him very much.

V: The keyboardist who was younger than me.

IU remembered just how impressed V was by the younger man. In fact, the song was the final reason why V decided to take on the project.

IU: You heard him play and you responded immediately so I wondered if you two had common tastes.

V: After I listened to it, I knew that I would regret it so much if I don’t do the MV because it was totally my jam.

She proudly added that Donghwan was scouted by Disney, the worldwide network powerhouse. She made sure to snatch him up as a composer before they did!

He almost got hired at Disney so I decided to scout him.


Donghwan was most recently seen in the newest “IU TV” episode which showed the recording process of the “Love Wins All” track. With just his voice announcing his presence, fans got a glimpse of his professional side.

See more of his and IU’s working relationship below!





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