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Why ARMYs Are “Demanding” A Change In BTS V’s Acting Career

BTS member V recently delivered an impressive acting performance as the male lead in IU’s new music video for “Love Wins All.” While ARMYs highly praised the project, they couldn’t help wishing that V’s next acting gig would be something different for one simple reason.

V and IU on set of “Love Wins All” | @dlwlrma/Instagram

Blessed with enviable visuals, V was often considered to be a good match for the acting industry since the early days of BTS. Fans got a good glance at his potential through the elaborate music videos, especially in the Most Beautiful Moment in Life trilogy series, also known as the HYYH series.


The HYYH era spans multiple albums by the group, following the same storyline that takes place in an alternative universe, with each member playing different titular roles with distinctive background stories. In the series, V’s character belongs to a broken family with an abusive father. He kills his father in order to save his sister in the story and suffers a great ordeal. But the most tragic part about his character is that the storyline hints that he chooses to sacrifice his life for his friends.

V’s first official acting project, however, was a 2016 K-Drama called Hwarang, where he played the role of Han Sung, a playful and innocent boy who loves to accompany the male lead, a legendary warrior named Moo Myung.

V with Park Seo Jun (Moo Myung) in “Hwarang” | KBS 2

Han Sung’s mischievous antics throughout the show are endearing enough for audiences to grow a special fondness for him. However, it all comes crashing down in the end when he sacrifices his life to protect Moo Myung.

Finally, in IU’s music video, V plays the role of a character subjected to a similar tragic fate. While running away from an abstract power that is out for their lives, IU and V manage to catch a few moments of happiness. But in the end, the two are seemingly annihilated while dressed as bride and groom.

Despite V’s impressive performance in all the roles, ARMYs have had enough of the perpetual sad endings. After IU’s music video release, many posted their hilarious “demands” to “free” V from this tragedy on a loop.



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