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Why K-Pop Choreographers Are No Longer Obsessed With The Center Position, According To TWICE’s Choreographers

Here’s what they personally noticed.

Traditionally in K-Pop songs, the center is a highly coveted position because it is where the most attention is placed. But TWICE‘s choreographers LACHICA believe that times are changing and many dance crews no longer prioritize the center each time they make a new choreo for a group!



They shared their opinion in a recent video where they also talked about the dance they made for TWICE’s “Talk That Talk” comeback, why they have never met the nine members, and why it’s difficult to work with JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park.

J.Y. Park

When on the topic of “Talk That Talk,” Gabee explained that it was challenging to come up with the dance because they needed to make sure that all nine members looked good. They struggled to make the blocking cohesive, especially when thinking of the center position.

There are 9 members who need to look good. So if the person wants to stand out at the center, it’s hard to make a composition. At first, this member was in the middle, but the next part was too far away. What should I do?

— Gabee

LACHICA then revealed that there used to be an obsession for the center position because it was believed that the “main character” was always in the middle.

Now, however, they are getting creative and thinking of new ways to make K-Pop idols stand out from the sidelines. They think it is better to diversify their choreographies this way.

In the past, there was a feeling that the main character should be at the center. Most of them had that obsession. But now, I think I’m diversifying by thinking about how I can shine over there.


But that’s not to say they’re forgetting about the middle! LACHICA believes that if the composition is done well, a member walking from the edge to the center is able to stand out even more.

The moment you walk from there to the middle, you make this person shine. So if there are various parts, the composition comes out in a cool way.


In the same video, LACHICA dished on the real reason why dance crews rarely meet the K-Pop groups they make choreographies for. Check it out here:

K-Pop Groups Like TWICE Never Meet Their Choreographers—Here’s Why, According To Dance Crew LACHICA




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