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Why SEVENTEEN’s Dino Refuses To Watch Videos From Their Debut

There’s a reason he can’t stand watching them.

Like many K-Pop idols, SEVENTEEN‘s Dino admitted there were videos from the group’s past that he just couldn’t bear to watch.

Dino | @pledis_17/Twitter

Looking back on SEVENTEEN’s early days, Dino said, “Honestly, I can’t watch the videos of myself when we debuted.” The reason he gave earned understanding from the members.

The maknae (youngest member) pointed out how inexperienced they were as performers. He explained, “When we debuted, I had so many facial expressions. I had too many.

Wonwoo and Joshua understood but highlighted the importance of going through that phase to become better performers.

Joshua: I think we shed some of our old selves along the way. We get to find the facial expression that suits us well.

Wonwoo: If it was too much back then, now we learned to control it.

Joshua: And we find the best fit through those experiences.

After gaining seven years of experience as an idol, the current Dino has grown into a completely different performer than he used to be.

| @feat.dino/Instagram

Without that fresh-faced Dino trying so hard to prove himself, the idol wouldn’t be the fantastic performer he is now.




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