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Why SISTAR19’s Hyolyn Doesn’t Date Other Idols Or Celebrities

“I just wasn’t attracted to…”

Ahead of Hyolyn and Bora‘s return as the sub-unit SISTAR19, the two visited the set of MMTG to be interviewed by Jae Jae about love and dating preferences.

Bora, Jae Jae, and Hyolyn. | @sistarsistar/Twitter

Jae Jae mentioned a past clip of Hyolyn saying she’d “never made a move on a celebrity.

Although Hyolyn couldn’t stop laughing at her past words, Jae Jae wondered why she seemed so against dating fellow celebrities.

Hyolyn shared the thoughts that led her to say those words. Because she’s spent over ten years working in the K-Pop industry, she knows everything there is to know about the career. So Hyolyn preferred to date people who weren’t a part of it.

But it’s not because it’s between celebrities. I just wasn’t attracted to people in the same profession.

— Hyolyn

Using construction workers as an example, Hyolyn wondered how they could build solid structures everyone uses daily. Bora summed up Hyolyn’s dating preferences best by saying, “So you’re interested in unknown professions.

After seeing all the magic that happens behind the scenes in K-Pop, Hyolyn doesn’t have an interest in dating other idols or celebrities. She wants to gain new experiences and knowledge through a partner with a completely different career.



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