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Yeonjun Spills On His Initial Worries About TXT’s Shirtless Photos

He shares how he kept his photos from being “too sexy.”

TXT recently made their awaited comeback with their fifth mini-album, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION, and stunned fans before the record-breaking EP was even released.

(From left to right) TXT’s Taehyun, Hueningkai, Soobin, Yeonjun, and Beomgyu in their “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION” concept photo | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

TXT showed the world a completely different image with their last comeback for their fourth mini-album, Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, shocking fans with their darker image and leather-clad looks.

TXT during their “Good Boy Gone Bad” promotions | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Just as MOAs were getting used to the new style, TXT proved their insane duality, switching back to a more whimsical, dreamy image with their “Sugar Rush Ride” promotions.

Their latest style switch was not without its own shocking moments, as TXT left fans speechless when they dropped their shirtless concept photos.

TXT’s “Daydream” concept photos for “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION” | Weverse

TXT’s Yeonjun was recently interviewed for a feature with Weverse Magazine, in which he opened up about the sexiness he infused in the concept photos and even the vocal recordings for the mini-album in order to portray the theme of temptation and spilled his thoughts behind the surprising shirtless photos.

TXT’s Yeonjun | @TXT_members/Twitter

Yeonjun admitted that he’s a perfectionist, often practicing his performances as often as possible to get every stage as close to perfection as he can.

This job is my pride and joy. I’m pretty easygoing but I also have a lot of dignity. I want to keep feeling proud when it comes to my work.

— Yeonjun

His perfectionism spills into everything he does, fully embodying each concept during the group’s various promotional activities.

It’s like how actors really try to become another person rather than just read lines from a script. It’s the same with me: When I’m doing a shoot or on stage, I’m not just making facial expressions and striking attractive poses—I’m usually trying to become the kind of person who fits in with the given mood.

— Yeonjun

So when it came to portraying the theme of temptation, TXT’s oldest member was fine with showing a little skin but was worried about it being too much “sex appeal.”

| Weverse

I was okay with showing some skin. I think everything from the background to the outfits, hair and makeup were perfectly orchestrated to set the mood. I think they really helped sell the particular idea of dreaminess for the Daydream version. But I also worried that taking off my top would come across as leaning too hard into sex appeal.

— Yeonjun

In order to find a balance between the dreamy look they were going for and the hint of sexiness, Yeonjun had a solution.

It should be really clear from how I’m sticking out my tongue, but it’s meant to be mischievous. Mysterious but mischievous. So I was trying to convey a mix of feelings.

— Yeonjun

| Weverse

Even if the photos were meant to be “mysterious but mischievous,” that’s not how netizens initially received them.

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