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Youtuber Goes Viral For Honest Reaction To ATEEZ’s Recent Concert

Fans relate hard to this reaction video!

With ATEEZ’s 2022 tour “The Fellowship: Break The Wall” coming to a close soon, more and more fans are posting about their concert experience. The overwhelming majority have been raving about their positive experience and even some popular K-Pop YouTubers have made videos about their ATEEZ concert experience, with fans sounding off in the comments in agreement!

Seoul Connection/YouTube

So when popular YouTube channel FO Squad K-Pop, a Youtube channel best known for their K-Pop interview and reaction videos, posted a video titled “FIRST TIME GOING TO AN ATEEZ CONCERT!!” fans were excited to see what they thought!

Fans specifically made one part of the video go viral, in which the Youtubers are talking about ATEEZ’s San and how his physique looks on stage. They mentioned his dancing skills and how he should teach a masterclass in dancing!

Fans are loving this reaction to San’s stage performance, as well as all the compliments paid to ATEEZ, because this is exactly how they reacted to it as well!



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