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(★BREAKING) All 4 BLACKPINK Members Officially Renew Contracts With YG Entertainment

They are staying with YG Entertainment.

All four BLACKPINK members have officially renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment for group activities.

In a statement shared with media outlet Ilgan Sports, YG Entertainment confirmed the news of their contract renewal.

Following careful discussions with BLACKPINK, we have signed a new exclusive contract for the group’s activities, based on the strong trust held in each other.

— YG Entertainment

With this, YG Entertainment has prmoised to repay BLINK around the world with more activities that match their global artist status. This includes new albums and more world tours.

Yang Hyun Suk also shared a comment on BLACKPINK’s contract renewal.

I am happy to be able to continue my relationship with BLACKPINK. In the future, BLACKPINK will do their best to shine even brighter in the global music market and as a K-Pop artist. I will provide them full support and trust in what they do.

— Yang Hyun Suk

This confirmation comes after months of speculation on whether the BLACKPINK members would be leaving YG Entertainment. What has been noted is that this contract is only for group activities, leaving the possibility that the members would be able to sign with a different agency for their individual activities. YG Entertainment also shared a short statement regarding this to Yonhap.

We are still in discussions [regarding individual contracts].

— YG Entertainment




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