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10+ Funniest Tweets From Filipino CARATs About SEVENTEEN Finally Arriving In The Philippines That Will Make You Go “Same”

#4 is such a Pinoy thing!

SEVENTEEN has arrived in the Philippines! After months of waiting, Pinoy CARATs are finally on the same time zone as them.

Check out their funniest and most relatable tweets about this below.

1. First up, when they trended “May pogi na sa Pinas”

They really said, “There’s finally good looking people in the Philippines!”

2. When they poked fun at the country’s pollution problem

3. When they were sad about not seeing SEVENTEEN in person

4. When the Philippines’ love for Christmas was evident in the airport

5. When Christmas decorations were up early

6. When CARATs were all too aware that many of them won’t be in the concert

7. When Joshua was an experienced Philippine tourist

Fans were sure he was prepared for the trip to the country this time around, cash and reservations on hand!

8. When just one look at S.Coups made the world stop

9. When fans remembered once again that they might not see SEVENTEEN

10. And when they were honestly jealous of the lucky concert-goers

11. When they decided they’d just sleep until everything passed

12. When they were willing to do everything to stand out

13. And when the whole fandom was crying because they’re back in the Philippines

SEVENTEEN will be performing in front of thousands of Filipinos from October 8 to 9 in MOA Arena.




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