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10+ Times EXO’s Sehun Captivated Everyone With His Sharp And Powerful Dancing

Sehun shines brightest on stage.

Sehun, like the rest of EXO‘s dance line, is a fantastic dancer, and his unique style shines through when he’s on stage. He’s known for his sharp lines and attention to detail, and these 13 moments prove that Main Dancer Sehun has everyone wrapped around his fingers.

1. Street Man Fighter

It’s only been a couple of days, but this clip of Sehun from his surprise appearance on Street Man Fighter already has over 2 million views.

2. “They Never Know”

If you’re ever confused about what Sehun’s dance style is like, watch this video.

3. “Run This”

His charisma is intoxicating, and without any visual distractions (if he had been in a stage outfit, no one would be able to see anything but his beauty), it’s easy to see how every move holds incredible strength and precision.

4. “Go”

The legendary Sehun solo song we need a music video version of.


candu banget suara#sehun itu#Go#ohsehun #exo

♬ On Me – EXO-SC

5. “The Eve”

Is there any member of EXO who hasn’t had a viral “The Eve” fancam or focus?

6. “This Is Me”

No matter the genre of music, Sehun’s movements are captivating, and it’s clear that he often spends his free time dancing.

7. “Baby Don’t Cry”

Smooth and sharp, it’s impossible to look away from Sehun.

8. “On Me”

It’s a tragedy that this is the only live performance we have of “On Me.”

9. “Sign”

How did this person survive the eye contact?

10. The Attack On Titans And EXO Crossover We Didn’t Know We Needed

Sehun’s visuals have often been compared to those of a manga character, and this whole look is proof.

11. He Keeps Getting Better

While the choreo and technique might be slightly different, the power behind each move is still the same.

12. Even The Tiniest Details Have Meaning

From head to toe to the tips of his fingers, Sehun has every muscle under control.

13. His Footwork!

One thing every EXO-L knows is that Sehun is the king of footwork, and he makes it look effortless every time.




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