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10 Times SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Turned Into A Stereotypical Maknae Around Mingyu

Their friendship is too cute.

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon is the second youngest of the group, but despite being one of the maknaes, he gives off a much more mature image most of the time, and he’s rarely the target of teasing. While he’s still super chaotic and hilarious in his own way, you’ll catch him looking done with his hyungs antics more often than not. But there’s one person that draws out the stereotypical maknae (read playful and adorable) side of him: Mingyu.

1. A Hungry Baby

Mingyu’s love for food knows no bounds, but if there’s one person he’ll always give up a bite for, it’s Vernon.

2. Imitating DK

Vernon found DK‘s reaction to the fireworks so entertaining that he excitedly reenacted the scene with Mingyu.

3. Vernon’s Too Cute To Resist

In Mingyu’s eyes, Vernon is super cute even when he’s not doing anything.


bonon cuteeee #mingyu #vernon #gyusol #seventeen #fyp

♬ original sound – ★ – ★

4. “I’m Aegyo.”

Usually, the reactions are switched, with Vernon hardcore cringing at his hyungs, but sometimes, he can’t help but be annoyingly adorable himself.

5. Sulky Vernon

Sulky Vernon is a rare sight, so it makes it even more impossible to resist catering to his every need when he whines.

6. A Hyper Puppy With A Hyper Kitty

Vernon’s bright smile as he skips with Mingyu makes this part of “_WORLD” even more endearing.


gemess banget dari 3 fancam yg berbeda isinya dia berdua gandengan #mingyu #vernon

♬ som original – 𝘓𝘪𝘯𝘢 • 𝑴𝑨𝑿𝑰𝑫𝑬𝑵𝑻

7. French Toast

Vernon is obsessed with French Toast, and his excitement was so cute that Mingyu had to record it.

8. Imitating Mingyu

SEVENTEEN love to tease Mingyu, and Vernon is no different.

9. Water Fight

This was such a random moment, but Vernon’s playful side can’t be contained whenever he’s around Mingyu.

10. “Vernonie!”

There isn’t a softer nickname than “Vernonie,” and Vernon loves it so much he introduces himself by it.


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