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13 Unedited Moments Showing What BLACKPINK’s Lisa Actually Looks Like IRL

Every BLINK wants to be as close to her as #5 was!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa doesn’t need any editing to look this gorgeous. Check out some unedited fantaken photos and videos of her below that show what she really looks like in person!

1. This is what you see from the front row of a BLACKPINK concert!

Only the luckiest fans can experience this.

2. You don’t have to ask BLINKs twice.

We will definitely stay with you, Lisa!

3. She looks like a doll up close.

Her facial features are flawless.

4. Blonde Lisa is everything.

She’s absolutely stunning in person.

5. POV: Lisa blows a kiss at you.

Life goals!

6. Her smile is contagious!

When she’s meeting fans, she’s always full of smiles.

7. Lisa transforms into a charismatic performer the moment she steps on stage.

Seeing her IRL is an experience like no other!

8. She always makes sure to make her fans feel special.

Here she is waving to a fan’s video.

9. Her body waves are deadly!

She’s hot and she knows it.

10. Nothing is cuter than Lisa in space buns.

She’s just so lovable.

11. Imagine being this close to her in real life.

It would be the best day ever.

12. Everybody deserves to see her epic dance skills this close.

She’s a dancing queen!

13. She glows even in low quality photos.

This captures her true, adorable aura!




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