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20+ Unedited Press Photos Showing BLACKPINK’s Gorgeous IRL Visuals During Recent Fansign

Recently, BLACKPINK held a fansign event to connect with BLINKs following their latest comeback. As expected, the girls immediately went viral for their in-person beauty! Check out some unedited journalist pictures below that prove they’re even more stunning in real life.

1. Jennie

Jennie looked stunning in a dainty floral dress with a white collar and sleeve cuffs.

Her most gorgeous accessory of all? Her adorable smile!

Jennie was giving BLINKs all of the cutesy fanservice this day!

2. Jisoo

Jisoo showed off her timeless beauty in an off-the-shoulder sweater and mini skirt.

She casually swept her hair back, making fans go crazy for her chic visuals.


No wonder why netizens refer to Jisoo as a “face genius!”

3. Lisa

Lisa excitedly greeted BLINKs that she had missed so much.

Her outfit was a matching set of embroidered denim that perfectly suits her unique style.

Lisa looked her best in adorable pigtails.

4. Rosé

Known for her luxurious and dreamy aura, Rosé arrived in a stunning black blouse with matching hair bow.

Excited to see her fans, her expressions when looking out at the crowd are priceless!

Her doll-like features left both fansign attendees and netizens captivated.




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