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4 Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Hottest Scenes From Episode 2 Of HBO’s “The Idol”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is making headlines for her acting debut in the HBO show The Idol. She plays the character of Dyanne, the backup dancer of protagonist Jocelyn (Lily Rose-Depp) who is a popstar on the decline.

Her role progresses in Episode 2 when the manager of Jocelyn, Nikki (Jane Adams), spots Dyanne’s talent and begins planning how she will take her friend’s place.

Interspersed in these plot points was Jennie’s subtle yet sexy acting. Check out some of her most memorable scenes below.

1. Dancing

First up, Jennie started strong with a dance sequence for Jocelyn’s new music video. Though she was at the peripherals of the camera and just one of many sexy dancers, she still stood out.

2. The Look

She was even more memorable during her solo scene when she conversed with Tedros (The Weeknd). She waited for the male lead to finish his call, leaning over in a naturally seductive manner.

3. The Sentence

The sentence that Jennie, playing the role of Dyanne, uttered afterwards broke the internet.

So, is she a better f*ck than me?

— Dyanne

Needless to say, the jaws of fans all over the world dropped as a result of the daring script.

4. The Look Part II

Jennie ended her appearance in Episode 2 with a short but heart-stopping look towards Tedros. After his cold response to the news of her new career path with Nikki’s label—“I can finally get that return on you”—she simply looked down on him with a smirk.

Check out Jennie’s viral moments from Episode 1 below.

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