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5 Things You Never Noticed About TWICE Momo’s Dancing That Will Convince You She’s A Pro

Her dancing is off the charts!

TWICE’s Momo is well-known in K-Pop for her expert dancing skills, so it’s no surprise there are tons of subtle details hidden in her dance technique! Here are five different things you might have never noticed about Momo’s dancing that will convince you of her expert status!

1. Momo’s Hit The Stage Dance Control

Momo was a contestant on the 2016 dance show Hit The Stage, where K-Pop main dancers created original dance routines to compete for the “best main dancer” title. Momo blew fans away with her complete control in her intricate dance!

2. Her Freestyle Abilities

Momo proves herself to be a great dancer with her amazing freestyle abilities! She has been asked on multiple talk shows to create a freestyle dance on the spot and she always delivers. Any dancer who can create a routine off-the-cuff as she can is a genius dancer!

3. Her Move Cover With Dahyun

In a dance cover of Taemin‘s Move with fellow member Dahyun, Momo expertly followed Taemin’s original choreography while providing her flair to the song. Momo proved she can cover any dance!

4. Her Ability To Make Dancing Fun

While Momo is the main dancer of TWICE, and she takes the title seriously, she is great at making her dances look carefree and fun! Fans love to see Momo dancing because there’s a great chance she’ll be doing it with a smile on her face!

5. Momo In “Sixteen”

In TWICE’s reality show pre-debut, Momo proved herself when it came to dancing by being named the main dancer of TWICE. She worked hard for her title and fans have noticed from the very beginning!





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