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6 Of NCT Taeyong’s Iconic Hairstyles In “SHALALA” That Served All The Looks

NCT‘s Taeyong recently made his solo debut with “SHALALA” and didn’t hold back in serving all the looks. Here are six of the most iconic hairstyles the idol rocked in the music video.

1. Short hair is far from boring with Taeyong.

While some people find short hair limiting, he spiced it up with a few wavy braids that gave off an edgy vibe.

Taeyong with backup dancers.

2. Highlighter neon green hair with a twist.

As if Taeyong’s vibrant green hair wasn’t enough to catch everyone’s attention, he also had blond bangs in the front for contrast.

3. The clean-cut knight in shining armor.

Proving he could do it all, Taeyong looked like he came straight out of a fairytale with his sleek blond hair and soft, romantic waves.

4. Frosty pastel green paired with tousled hair.

Going for a softer look, Taeyong’s hair became pastel green and was slicked back in a way that showed off the sparkly waves and fringe.

| SMTOWN/YouTube
| SMTOWN/YouTube

5. The curly boy next door.

While Taeyong’s other hairstyles emphasized his charismatic side, the curly blond hair showed off his softer side.



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