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7 Unedited Moments Of NCT DREAM’s Jeno At Ferragamo’s Fashion Show, Showing What He Actually Looks Like IRL

They caught his IRL visuals from every angle.

As one of the many K-Pop idols attending the beautiful country of Italy for Milan Fashion Week, NCT DREAM‘s Jeno attended the fashion show of the Italian luxury brand Ferragamo. Not only did he do so in style, but the idol looked breathtakingly handsome without any editing. Here are seven moments to fall in love with Jeno’s IRL visuals.

1. Jeno’s cropped outfit showed off his slim figure and tiny waist.

2. Despite his face being partially covered, Jeno’s face card never declines.


3. Jeno’s sharp features look even more handsome up close.

4. Low-quality photos aren’t a match for Jeno’s proportions and visuals.

5. Even among a crowd, Jeno’s side profile stands out.

6. An unexpected interview didn’t catch Jeno’s visuals off guard.

7. Jeno is handsome from every angle.




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