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8 Times TXT’s Taehyun Couldn’t Be Separated From His “Baby” ENHYPEN’s Jungwon

He always keeps Jungwon by his side 🥺

The TXT members often keep their friendships with other K-Pop idols private. But TXT‘s Taehyun isn’t shy about his soft spot for his HYBE junior ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon. See some of the times Taehyun couldn’t be separated from his dear friend.

1. Taehyun wouldn’t let Jungwon go, keeping him by his side.

2. He couldn’t resist giving his adorable junior a kiss on the head.

3. There was only one photocard Taehyun wanted: his “baby” Jungwon’s.

4. Taehyun being overcome by Jungwon’s cuteness and patting him on the head.

Taehyun even commented, “My baby..❤️ The prettiest in the world,” on the video clip.

5. Taehyun had so much fun with Jungwon that he forgot he was a TXT member until Soobin took him away.

6. Jungwon accidentally crashed Taehyun’s live broadcast but reassured Jungwon he could visit whenever he wanted.

7. Hearts all around for Taehyun and Jungwon’s close friendship.

8. Taehyun can be himself whenever he’s around Jungwon.



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