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A Minute Change In Red Velvet’s New Picture Leaves Netizens Feeling “Awkward”

Many found the members unrecognizable.

Red Velvet has left many netizens bamboozled with their new picture, owing to a small change from their usual ones.

download - 2024-02-23T053546.899
Red Velvet | @RVsmtown/Twitter

On February 22, KST, a post went viral on the Korean online community Instiz, where a netizen pointed out that a recent group photo of Red Velvet seemed a bit odd to them, so much so that they didn’t even recognize it was them!

Screenshot 2024-02-23 051712
| Instiz

For a moment, I thought this wasn’t Red Velvet.

— OP’s caption

The picture was originally posted by the official X (formerly Twitter) account of the group after the SMTOWN concert in Tokyo on February 21.

The OP (original poster) also mentioned in the post that the reason why the image was unsettling to them was the absence of Irene from the center.

Usually, K-Pop groups have a set visual order of members that they follow while clicking pictures. In fact, being the “center” of a group is a very common thing for K-Pop idols, though more recently, these strict positions have lost relevance. Nevertheless, Irene, the leader of Red Velvet, has long been the group’s center. In almost every Red Velvet group picture, she is the member to be found in the middle, be it a concept photo or a behind-the-scenes still.

download - 2024-02-23T053216.121
(From L to R) Red Velvet members Joy, Seulgi, Irene, Wendy, and Yeri | @RVsmtown/Twitter
download - 2024-02-23T053243.436
| @RVsmtown/Twitter
download - 2024-02-23T053315.004
| @RVsmtown/Twitter

But in some of the recent pictures of the group, the members appear to have mixed up their usual order.

download - 2024-02-23T053122.036
| @RVsmtown/Twitter

Though this change in positions is a very minor detail, to many fans who have been used to seeing them in the same order, it instinctively felt a little “awkward.”

Screenshot 2024-02-23 052345
| Instiz
  • “The picture seems a little awkward.”
  • “Seulgi looks freaking pretty in this photo.”
  • “Seulgi is f*cking pretty.”
  • “Everything about this picture just seems like something that’s not Red Velvet’s vibe. At first, I mistook Seulgi for Irene.”
  • “It does seem like that.”
    — “No, but it’s my first time seeing Irene stand at the end.”

Though fans are hardly ever bothered by such trivial changes and most K-Pop groups these days are doing away with strict visual orders, it seems like sticking to one formation for so long does have a different kind of effect on the groups’ brand visibility.

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