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Actor Lee Dong Wook Exposes MONSTA X Hyungwon’s Embarrassing Drinking Habit

Hyungwon tried to change the subject 😆

Actor Lee Dong Wook and MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon are close friends who know each other well. So well that Lee Dong Wook couldn’t resist calling out the idol’s embarrassing drinking habit during an episode of Mr. Chae the Castaway.

As the two talked about injuries that affected their career, Hyungwon mentioned a shoulder injury from his rookie days that still flares up. He said, “It gets dislocated every time I play a punching machine. Sad story.

Lee Dong Wook immediately destroyed the sad atmosphere. He revealed that Hyungwon’s pain only happened after a lot of drinks, “You play those punching machines drunk, right? You don’t play that sober.

That piece of information was enough for Hyungwon to cough and try to pretend it hadn’t been revealed. As everyone laughed, the idol attempted to change the subject. He asked, “You want to go in? It’s cold.

Like an older brother, Lee Dong Wook warned Hyungwon not to play the punching machines anymore because he always gets injured when he’s drunk.

This is the problem. You always get hurt when you’re drunk. You shouldn’t do it.

— Lee Dong Wook

See Lee Dong Wook make everyone laugh by exposing Hyungwon’s drinking habit.




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