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Actress Emma Myers Is A Successful CARAT After Finally Meeting SEVENTEEN IRL

If anyone deserves it, it’s Emma!

When it comes to the biggest and most popular K-Pop groups, SEVENTEEN has continued to showcase their dominance since debuting in 2015.

The members of SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

The members have constantly showcased diverse concepts and wowed netizens with their unreal talent, visuals, and personality.

One of SEVENTEEN’s more A-List fans is none other than actress Emma Myers.

Actress Emma Myers | @ememyers/Instagram

Emma has always been vocal about her love for SEVENTEEN, whether she was explaining why the group only had 13 members…

Or living the best y/n life by being noticed by the members.


congrats emma! [ #seventeen #carat #hoshi #wednesday #emmamyers #kpop #fypシ ]

♬ original sound – 𖤐

Well, it seems like Emma Myers has completed her CARAT journey in the most iconic way… by finally meeting the members in person.

On December 12, Emma shocked fans on Instagram when she shared a photo of her and her sister meeting SEVENTEEN’s BSS (Seungkwan, Hoshi, and DK). As any CARAT would do, she knew to do the “Horanghae” pose when meeting the members.

| @ememyers/Instagram

If that wasn’t enough, shortly after, Emma posted more photos showing that she didn’t just meet BSS but the entire group. Nestled in the middle of the 12 members (all except Jeonghan), Emma and those she is with were truly CARAT goals.

| @ememyers/Instagram
| @ememyers/Instagram

She simply captioned it “Say the name,” but it was enough to showcase her CARAT status…

After the photos were posted, CARATs online couldn’t hide their excitement for Emma. In particular, after the actress has shown her love for the members publically on so many occasions, they thought she deserved to finally meet the whole group.

Emma Myers has always cemented herself as a true CARAT and it isn’t surprising that fans couldn’t be happier seeing her finally meet the group.




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