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“Am I The Only One Who Finds Boo Seungkwan Handsome?” Fans Praise The SEVENTEEN Main Vocalist’s Visuals

He really is the whole package!

While there is no “official” visual of SEVENTEEN, members such as MingyuWonwooJeonghan, and Joshua are often the ones who are most often mentioned when it comes to the most handsome member of the group.

Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN) | SBS

It can easily be argued, though, that all of the members of SEVENTEEN could be considered visual status, and they all are handsome in different ways!


However, one member whose visuals are often overlooked due to his personality and hilarity more than anything else is Seungkwan. He’s so well-known for his entertaining and goofy antics — as well as his incredible vocal abilities — that his good looks are not the first thing that comes to many fans’ minds.

Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN)

His handsome appearance is finally getting the attention it deserves on a post on an online forum, where the author asks if they’re the “only one that finds Boo Seungkwan handsome”.

Of course, they’re certainly not the only person that thinks that, and it’s proven in the many, many comments praising Seungkwan’s visuals in the comments!


Between his vocal prowess, strong stage presence, adorable personality, sense of humor, and his good looks, Seungkwan really is the whole package, and he deserves to be praised for it.

Here are some of the many comments that left rave reviews for Seungkwan’s many loveable traits on the forum post!

There is just so much to love about this amazing, talented man!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa




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