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Amber Liu And Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reunite Unexpectedly

Amber Liu was once a part of SM Entertainment. She debuted under the iconic group, f(x). Although the group stopped being active after 2019’s SM Town concert, many fans still await their return.

Amber has since moved on to promote in China. As she paves her way as a singer in the Mainland, she was flown over to Paris on October 2, 2023, to participate in Louis Vuitton’s fashion show.

Amber for Louis Vuitton.

There, the star had the most unexpected reunion with her ex-colleague. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon had been sent there as a Korean ambassador for the luxury house. They were even seated next to each other.

Fans were treated to some sweet moments between the two friends. They hugged it out briefly before filming short interviews for the press.

This reunion was especially heartening to fans, as Amber and Taeyeon used to be close. Taeyeon even featured in Amber’s solo song, “Shake That Brass,” after the latter personally made the request.

It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen the two together! Fans loved the treat.

Thank you Louis Vuitton, for making this iconic reunion happen!



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