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Asia Vs. South America: How Fans From Different Places React In K-Pop Concerts, According To TWICE’s Jihyo

They’re similar and different.

TWICE‘s Jihyo appeared in Mono Tube‘s YouTube channel. Here, she picked up trash while talking about different topics under the sun.

jihyo (2)

One of them was the unique and similar qualities of TWICE’s fans in the different places that they have visited.

Check them out below!

South America

First up, TWICE recently went to South America for their Ready to Be world tour. They graced Sao Paulo, Brazil, with their presence.


The fans here made a large impression on Jihyo. She still remembers their enthusiastic responses throughout the concert.

The reactions are huge in South America. I think their reactions are bigger.

— Jihyo



Asia is similar to South America as well. Countries such as the Philippines, for instance, are known for having a loud crowd that they love.

The reactions in Asia are big, too.

— Jihyo

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Finally, she also mentioned a specific country in Asia that was particularly unique: Japan. They stood out from the other countries with their quiet approach to attending concerts.

In Japan, they are more focused on listening rather than singing along, so their reactions aren’t huge, but they are still supportive and enjoying it.

— Jihyo

Besides Asia and South America, TWICE also included North America, Oceania, and Europe in their fifth world tour.





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