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Behind Story Of TXT’s Yeonjun And Sabrina Carpenter’s Viral VMAs Moment Is Hilariously Similar To Fan Predictions

When you know your idols too well.

In a recent livestream on Weverse, TXT member Yeonjun finally satiated fans’ curiosity about his conversation with American singer Sabrina Carpenter at the MTV Video Music Awards backstage.

TXT at the VMAs | @yawnzzn/Instagram

TXT attended the 2023 VMAs on September 12 and gave an electrifying live performance with Brazillian pop star Anitta. They debuted their new song, “Back For More,” at the event, which was officially released on September 15 (KST). The group also won the Push Performance of the Year award for “Sugar Rush Ride.”

After the event, the internet saw many photos and videos backstage, which included some unexpected interactions of TXT with other celebrities like Karol G and Sabrina Carpenter.

TXT’s meeting with Sabrina went viral for multiple reasons. When she approached the group for a picture along with Anitta, Beomgyu’s funny reaction had netizens rolling. Another picture from their meet had fans intrigued where Sabrina could be seen laughing loudly at something Yeonjun presumably said.

Though a video of their interaction showed the two singers greeting each other, saying that they knew the other person, fans couldn’t wait to figure out what happened next that made Sabrina burst into a laugh like that.

On September 14 (KST), Yeonjun hosted a livestream to celebrate his birthday with fans. While sharing stories from the VMAs, he ended up spilling what exactly he and Sabrina were talking about.

| Weverse

It turns out that Yeonjun told her that he enjoyed her movie Tall Girl, which made the singer laugh.

The clip immediately took aback MOAs, not because of the content of their conversation, but because many recalled that a fan had guessed this exact exchange a day before Yeonjun actually revealed it.

Since the TXT member had previously talked about watching the Netflix movie Tall Girl, where Sabrina plays the supporting role of Harper, a MOA had made a joke on Twitter during the VMAs that Yeonjun probably recognized her from the movie.

Needless to say, other fans were fascinated with how accurately the OP (original poster) predicted their interaction.

If there were a medal for knowing your favorite artists too well, nobody would have stood a chance before this fan!




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