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BLACKPINK Fans React To Idol School SOPA’s “Cultivating The Second Lisa” Vision

“SOPA has nothing to do with Lisa’s talent.”

Seoul Performing Arts High School (SOPA), the institution known for producing K-Pop stars like BTS’s JungkookMiss A’s Suzy, and IVE‘s Wonyoung, is planning to establish a sister school, “Singapore SOPA,” in collaboration with Singapore’s Raffles College of Music (SRMC). This bold step marks the first overseas expansion by a domestic Korean high school.

The new establishment aims to identify and nurture the talents of students from Southeast Asia, focusing on Singapore. Along with the specialized K-Pop curriculum, Singapore’s Raffles College of Music will also conduct a unique admissions process for Korean students wishing to study abroad.

SOPA Principal Lim Ho Seong and Singapore Raffles Music College Dean Ryan Koh | Financial News

The proposed “Singapore SOPA” has been met with enthusiasm from industry insiders, who view it as a gateway for talented Asian youths dreaming of becoming the “next BLACKPINK Lisa,” according to Korean publisher Financial News.

The industry is anticipating that the establishment of “Singapore SOPA” will be welcome news for the talented youths in other Asian regions dreaming to become the second BLACKPINK Lisa.

— Financial News

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram  

The specific reference to Lisa in marketing efforts for the upcoming “Singapore SOPA” could be attributed to several reasons. Firstly, Lisa’s unique journey from Thailand to global stardom as a K-Pop idol is a beacon of inspiration to many aspiring performers in Southeast Asia. Her success exemplifies that talent and hard work can transcend national borders, providing a powerful narrative for the school’s international expansion goals.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Secondly, Lisa’s exceptional popularity and influence, both within and outside of Southeast Asia, lend significant credibility and appeal to the institution’s marketing efforts. Lastly, Lisa’s success story redefines traditional views on K-Pop stardom, largely dominated by native Korean idols, thereby presenting an inclusive vision for the school’s potential student demographic, particularly from Southeast Asia.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Interestingly, this nod to Lisa, BLACKPINK’s Thai member, has drawn attention from fans worldwide. Some fans emphasized Lisa’s impressive influence — which transcends her nationality. One fan, in particular, underscored the BLACKPINK star’s ability to set a new benchmark for upcoming idols and K-Pop stars, especially in Southeast Asian countries. “Lisa is the standard for K-Pop idols,” they stated.

But not all Lisa fans took this as a compliment. Some netizens took to Twitter to share their thoughts about using Lisa for marketing purposes despite her never actually attending the school. “SOPA has nothing to do with Lisa’s talent,” one fan said in reaction to the article. Several fans insightfully pointed out that Lisa’s journey to superstardom was not molded by a prestigious school.

The diverse reactions serve as a reminder that while institutional support can offer opportunities, an idol’s success is ultimately shaped by their unique talents, work ethic, and personal journey. It’s worth watching how “Singapore SOPA” navigates this nuanced landscape and harnesses its potential to nurture the next generation of global K-Pop stars.




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