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BLACKPINK Jennie’s “The Idol” Season’s Early Exit Fuels Cancellation Rumors

The first season of HBO‘s controversial series, The Idol, will come to an end earlier than previously announced.

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Audiences who watched the fourth episode of The Idol were likely shocked when in episode 5’s teaser, the show announced that it would be the season finale. This means the controversial series’ inaugural season, originally planned for six episodes, will be ending a week earlier.

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The news of season 1’s early curtain call comes amid rampant rumors alleging The Idol would be canceled after its first season. The show, which never found a footing with critics and audiences alike, has been plagued by criticism for its gratuitous and exploitative portrayal of its female characters. Behind-the-scene revelations alleging that showrunner Sam Levinson had hijacked the show and its direction from director Amy Seimetz only fueled those sentiments.

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According to TVLine, although an HBO representative declined to comment, a source revealed that the short season doesn’t necessarily mean the show is facing cancellation.

The season ended up being five episodes when it was all said and done after Sam [Levinson] took over and made significant changes. The story only ended up requiring 5.

— Source via TVLine

HBO has yet to commit to a second season.

Source: tvline

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