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BLACKPINK Lisa’s Actions During Thailand’s Football Match Against Korea Garners Strong Reactions From Korean Fans

It is natural for Lisa to root for team Thailand.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa received praise for her actions at Thailand’s football match against Korea.

Lisa | Yahoo News

On March 26, Thailand faced Korea in the second round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

Although Thailand proved to be a formidable adversary, Korea won the match 3-0 because of the strength of their individual players, Son Heung MinLee Kang In, and Kim Min Jae.

Son Heung Min embracing Lee Kang In

Amid this, BLACKPINK’s Lisa gained attention for being at the match. The K-Pop icon is Thai and has strong ties to Korea, because of this many were interested to see who she would root for.


Lisa, however, made sure fans from both countries didn’t feel left out as she held a banner cheering for both sides.

Joongang Ilbo

The gesture earned praise from both Korean news outlets and fans, as they applauded the idol. Fans reportedly praised her for being sensitive to Korean fans even when it would be totally understandable for her to root for the Thai team.

  • Her expression is so pure and happy.
  • She seems to be cheering for both sides.
  • She’s loyal (to Koreans) even when it’s understandable for her to cheer for the Thai team.
  • She’s cute and is having fun.
  • She must have gone to Thailand for her birthday and caught the game.

Meanwhile, Lisa is making big moves since moving out from YG Entertainment. The idol recently started her LLOUD label and recently was confirmed to join HBO’s hit series, The White Lotus.




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