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BLACKPINK Lisa’s Airport Experience Under LLOUD Has Netizens Criticizing YG Entertainment’s Protection For Idols

“YG [Entertainment] could never…”

Netizens have hit back at YG Entertainment after seeing the difference in BLACKPINK Lisa‘s airport experience after leaving the company.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Recently, Lisa announced the creation of her company LLOUD.

It means that Lisa now deals with all of her solo promotions, and netizens noticed the difference when the idol arrived at the airport. On March 19 (KST), Lisa arrived at Incheon Airport to travel to Thailand.

Although she seemed to be running late, Lisa made sure to greet the fans and media waiting for her.

As soon as Lisa made it to the entrance, netizens noticed a large group of security surrounding her, and the men instantly got to work, making sure everyone around the idol kept a safe distance.

While Lisa was still able to accept gifts and interact with the fans, security made sure to actively do their job by pushing people away who were getting too close.

Even as the fans left and it was just the media, the security guards made sure the cameras were a good distance away, using their voices to make way for Lisa.

When the videos of Lisa’s departure were shared, some netizens praised Lisa for the precautions she put in place at the airport but also hit back at YG Entertainment for not providing the idol with adequate security on her promotions when she was with the company.




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