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BLACKPINK’s Jennie And SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Worry Netizens With The Same “Dangerous” Experience At The Airport

Netizens think something needs to change ASAP!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan had the same “Dangerous” experience at Incheon Airport because of the large crowds.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram
SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan | @jeonghaniyoo_n/Instagram

Recently, Jennie and Jeonghan have flown to Paris to attend Paris Fashion Week. When they arrived at the airport, it wasn’t surprising that there were huge crowds waiting, consisting of fans and Korean media outlets.





While media normally takes photos, when idols attend events for designers, it isn’t uncommon for a “photo wall,” where the stars will stand in front of the airport in their branded outfits. However, this couldn’t happen with either Jennie or Jeonghan.

On March 2, Jennie was approaching the airport and was ready to stand to take photos, but the crowds started moving forward, and the idol and her security were made to change plans and just start walking through the airport.

On March 4, Jeonghan had the same experience. As he was told to stand for photos, the crowds quickly started to push and the security made a decision to just try and get Jeonghan into the airport. In particular, it caused concerns as Jeonghan has been injured, and this was his first public schedule since taking time off.

Both times, the Korean media outlets at the front of the crowds were being pushed, and the shaking cameras showcased the force at which everyone was being pushed. The sounds of reporters’ anger were also heard as they started being pushed and were unable to get the media shots.

When the videos were shared, netizens voiced their anger. Crowds have always been an issue at the airport, but the wave of fans pushing towards the idol was so intense that it interrupted the schedule and activities Jennie and Jeonghan had to do before traveling.

It seems like the issue of airport safety for idols never ceases to become a talking point, yet netizens are angry that nothing has been done.



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