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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Becomes A Hot Topic Amongst Netizens After Her Dramatic Change In Makeup Style For Chanel

“She’s so pretty it makes me want to curse…”

BLACKPINK Jennie‘s recent Chanel project has gained attention after netizens couldn’t stop praising the idol’s dramatic change in style, including her makeup and concept.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Since debuting, Jennie has always gained attention for her makeup style, which is normally light and subtle.

At fashion events, Jennie always wows with her looks, but they tend to still be quite light and princess-like, with pale makeup and dazzling visuals. Or if she goes darker with the makeup, the outfits normally contrast with brighter colors.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

At the start of April, Chanel announced Jennie as the face of their new campaign, “The Chanel 22.” The idol trended non-stop on social media after the images from the campaign were released, and it’s not hard to see why.

Jennie tried a completely different concept when she channeled her inner “doll” with the unique and quite dark concept from the brand.

Jennie in the recent Chanel campaign | Nate Pann

| Nate Pann

| Nate Pann

| Nate Pann

Even in the photobooth images that were in black and white, Jennie’s vibes seemed completely different and showcased another side to the idol.

| Nate Pann

When the pictures and videos were posted, netizens couldn’t get over the dramatic change in concept for Jennie, praising the idol for her new and dramatic makeup that seemingly fitted a manga concept.

| Nate Pann

  • “Jennie looks best in that style of makeup. She’s so pretty, f**k f**k, she’s so pretty it makes me want to curse.
  • “But her style seems heavily influenced by the Japanese, like an anime character.”
  • “K-Pop idols are in a bubble (referring to bubble economy).
  • “Her life is so cool.”
  • “Wow, after always seeing her wear nude makeup, it’s so good to see her wear funky and hip makeup like in the first picture. What don’t you look good in, Jennie?”
  • “The concept matches her well.”

While the members of BLACKPINK all have their own image, netizens love seeing them change it up with their styles.




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