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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Goes Viral For Casually Swearing During Their “BORN PINK” Show, And Jisoo Has The Funniest Reaction

On the outside, BLACKPINK seem like the perfect image of K-Pop idols. Since debuting, they’ve always been praised for their talent, visuals, and charming personalities. Growing up in front of the spotlight, netizens have watched the members grow into adults and mature.

As they get older, the BLACKPINK members have proved that they’re not the same young girls that debuted in 2016, and that is reflected through their language.

The members of BLACKPINK | @sbskpop/Twitter

Recently, Jennie gained attention after cursing during a show after the members’ iconic reaction.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Even in the world of being an idol, it seems like cursing has become more accepted than it was. BLACKPINK is no exception and netizens couldn’t contain their excitement when the track “TALLY” from their latest album had curse words throughout.

Yet, even though the BLACKPINK members aren’t teenagers anymore and have cursed in their recent album, it seems like the context of the swearing is very important when it comes to the members’ reactions.

On November 2, BLACKPINK continued with the US part of their BORN PINK tour by performing in ATLANTA. As expected, BLINKs couldn’t stop sharing their excitement and clips from the show on social media.

Although BLACKPINK are professional, there are always chances of issues arising, and netizens shared videos of Jennie talking about having problems with her earpiece. For singers, earpieces are very important and allow idols to keep time and hear the music amongst the cheers.

Jennie has always had the prettiest earpieces

During the show, Jennie explained that her earpiece wasn’t working. Yet, rather than let it phase her, the singer continued and used it as a chance to get the audience to sing.

No, it’s not [working] It’s okay. I’ll be a professional like just pretending like I hear things. I need you guys’ mouths as we’re singing so I know when it’s ending

| @jensamour/Twitter  

| @jensamour/Twitter

As it can be tough, Jennie went off stage at one point to try and get it sorted. When she came back up, the members explained how they’d been waiting for her, adding, “I’m sorry, my in-ears aren’t working.”

Yet, it was what came after that had netizens LOL’ing. When the members asked if they still weren’t working, Jennie explained that they weren’t, explaining, “It’s still not fixed…” before saying the swear word, “sh*t.”

| @slaveforroseanne/Twitter 

Although it seemed natural and just flowed with the sentence, it seemed like the members weren’t just going to let it go so easily. As the crowd also seemed to notice Jennie’s cursing, Jisoo suddenly went “Woah, woah, woah.”

| @slaveforroseanine/Twitter

She was later joined by Lisa and Rosé, who also both pretended to have the same shocked reaction as the group’s oldest member. Even as Jennie tried to continue and talk to BLINKs, the members had the funniest reactions.

| @slaveforroseanne/Twitter

When the video was shared, it was watched over 100,000 times in less than 10 hours. In the comments, there was a mix of views ranging from people loving Jennie’s nonchalant attitude to swearing to the hilarious reaction from the members.

Over the years, BLACKPINK has worked hard to show growth as artists and people. They’re not the young girls that debuted back in 2016 and cursing isn’t that big of a deal, especially in countries like America.

You can read more about Jennie being the most iconic person during the BORN PINK shows below.

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