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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Leaves A Special Message For Fans On MelOn, Fans Can’t Get Enough

In celebration of the release of “You & Me,” BLACKPINK‘s Jennie got personal with her fans on the Korean streaming platform MelOn

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | MelOn

…and fans can’t get enough of how hilarious the idol is!

Since its update in 2021, MelOn has offered an “Artist Note” feature—a space where the artists themselves can leave messages about the releases that become available on their platform.

| Koreaboo

On the album pages, artists now have the text messaging feature called the ‘Artist Note.’ Through Artist Note, artists can leave individual message for their fans, whether it be behind-the-scenes stories about the album production or special thanks to the fans.

— MelOn

For “You & Me,” Jennie didn’t have the longest message. But it was, according to fans, the cutest! The message reads, “오다 주웠다. 옜다! 선물이다.” Word per word, it translates to “I picked this up on the way. Here! It’s a gift.”

| theqoo

The phrase, “오다 주웠다” (I picked this up on the way), is a cheeky one, though. Culturally, Koreans use the phrase for playfulness; It’s when someone has put in the effort to prepare something for another, but is too shy about it or doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it. So instead of saying, “I got this for you,” Koreans joke that they “found it off the floor, so take it or whatever.”

The phrase, “옜다!” (Here you go), also adds a bit of good-natured silliness. While it can be used in sarcasm, there is a lot of room for liberal use—hitting close to the English/French equivalent of “voilá.” In the Artist Note, Jennie is pretending to “throw” the song at her fans, as if it’s a small favor; Though, with contextual cutes and cultural understanding, Koreans know off the bat that Jennie is being playful and keeping things lighthearted and fun!

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

The message has since gone viral on multiple online communities. Koreans can’t help but find Jennie’s personality to be so naturally charming!

| theqoo
  • “Aw, I love you, Jennie.”
  • “F*cking adorable, haha.”
  • “Haha, she got me with this one. ILY Kim Jennie!”
  • “LMAO. Oh, unnie.
  • “So cute, haha.”
  • “Wait, did Jennie actually write that message?! She’s so cool. Heh.”
  • “How is she this f*cking cute?! LOL.”
  • “She’s adorable, haha.”
  • “A gift…!”

Watch Jennie’s dreamy “You & Me” performance video here:





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