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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Earns Attention For Skipping One Specific Interview Question

“…she skipped this debate entirely.” ????

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is currently promoting her long-awaited solo debut and recently participated in WIRED‘s popular Autocomplete Interview.


The BLACKPINK member answered the internet’s burning questions, and her solo interview with WIRED allowed her funny and charming personality to shine.

BLINKs learned more about the talented star through her candid responses. Jisoo spilled on her personal fashion style, which she considers a mix of comfy, casual, and feminine.

She opened up about a new fear of sleep paralysis and ghosts she’s developed after struggling with sleep paralysis recently.

On a happier note, she shared her favorite song, and of course, she chose from BLACKPINK’s impressive discography naming “Love To Hate Me” as a fun and exciting song to sing.

She also updated fans on her Japanese language skills, revealing that she frequently studied Japanese as a trainee and now recognizes words as a fan of manga and Japanese dramas.

Jisoo shared that she finally received her driver’s license two years ago, discovered she was a parking pro, and hilariously complimented her spatial awareness…

While she wasn’t shy about her driving skills, one of the questions she encountered left her hilariously speechless as she quickly moved past it.

During autocomplete interviews, celebrities are only able to see part of their next question and tear away paper to reveal the rest.

When she tore away the paper and saw the question, “is Jisoo [the] queen of kpop,” she couldn’t help laughing as she quickly moved past the question.

Netizens immediately noticed her hilarious reaction and understood her decision to skip the question.

While Jisoo remained humble, BLINKs couldn’t help but notice her decision to not respond to a question she didn’t want to answer was queen behavior itself.

BLACKPINK’s talent and achievements speak for themselves!

Jisoo may not have answered the question but she recently went viral for her “legendary” visuals in photos where she looks like royalty.

Check out more on that in the article below:

Netizens Believe BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Entered Her “Legendary” Visual Phase After These Photos Emerged




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