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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Stuns Fans At DIOR’s Paris Fashion Week Show With Her IRL Visuals During These Unedited Moments

#8 shows what her beautiful new hair color looks like!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo recently attended DIOR‘s Paris Fashion Week show, where she was hailed again as the main event! Fans were especially in awe of her visuals (including a new hair-do!), especially during these unedited moments!

1. From her arrival, she was the main event!

Jisoo always draws huge crowds!

2. Jisoo always takes time to greet fans.

Best idol!

3. Imagine getting a compliment from THE Jisoo.

Year: Made

4. She’s literally glowing!

Look at her flawless skin!

5. Jisoo truly is the “Face of DIOR!”

Face card never declines.

| Ahn Huy Pahm

| Ahn Huy Pahm

6. Her beautiful purple dress also stood out!

Any color is Jisoo’s color.

| @guillaume_bsre/Instagram

| @guillaume_bsre/Instagram

| @guillaume_bsre/Instagram

7. Everyone wants to meet Jisoo.

Even Hollywood celebrities like Charlize Theron!

| W Korea

8. Her new hair color is so pretty!

Any style works on Jisoo!

9. DIOR loves Jisoo…

…and we do too!

Check out more moments of Jisoo’s unedited beauty below!

13 Unedited Moments Showing What BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Actually Looks Like IRL




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