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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Gains Attention For Her Iconic Response To A BLINK Asking If She’d Drank During BVLGARI’s Avrora Awards

Her response had BLINKs screaming!

The life of a K-Pop idol isn’t easy, and there are always strict expectations to look and act a certain way. Yet, it seems like that more and more idols are having more fun and showing that they are human.

Recently, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa gained attention after a relatable reaction to a fan question at a BVLGARI event.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

On October 18, Lisa showcased her true personality and visuals after she attended the Avrora Awards for BVLGARI. Dressed in white and looking like an angel, Lisa wowed the media and netizens with her aura.

As expected, news outlets were there to make sure BLINKs got enough pictures of the idol before the ceremony started.

Yet, aside from wowing with her visuals, jewelry, and interactions with bestie Lee Soo Hyuk, Lisa went viral for an interaction with a fan after the event had finished.

After the awards show had finished, Lisa left but made sure to go a way that meant she could meet and greet fans. Of course, the idol was surrounded by security to make sure she was safe, but it didn’t stop Lisa from interacting with fans around her.

| @monari_jen/Twitter 

At one point, a fan managed to get close enough to ask Lisa a question. Of course, the BLINK wasn’t going to let their question go to waste and made Lisa laugh when they asked if she’d had a drink during the event.

| @monari_jen/Twitter

Rather than avoiding the question or trying to find an “idol” answer, Lisa just smiled at the OP and gave her a wink. When the fan started screaming at her response because it was so iconic, Lisa started laughing before walking off.

| @monari_jen/Twitter

When the clip was shared, it was watched nearly 200,000 times, and netizens in the comments couldn’t get over how Lisa reacted. While many were surprised the BLINK didn’t freak out even more because of Lisa, others couldn’t get over the wink and how she answered the question.

As always, Lisa and the other YG artists always have the most iconic ways to answer questions from fans. As an adult, it’s probably not weird if she did have a drink, but being an idol is a completely different story.

You can read more about the event below.

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