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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Gets Very Shy At Incheon Airport — All Because Of Her Recent Sexy AF “Crazy Horse” Performance

The photos caused a meltdown online!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa got extremely shy when chatting with fans at Incheon Airport, and it showcases her duality.

Of course, one of the hot topics in K-Pop has been Lisa’s performance at the Crazy Horse in Paris. While fans couldn’t take photos or videos inside the event, Lisa sent the internet into meltdown with her sexy AF photos of her outfits.

Yet, while Lisa oozed confidence in the photos, the idol made netizens’ hearts melt after hearing a fan’s reaction to the pictures.

On October 10, Lisa returned to Korea from her overseas schedule. As expected, she looked flawless as she greeted the fans and media who were waiting at Incheon Airport.

While she was walking to the car, one fan shared an adorable interaction with Lisa that gained attention from netizens. While walking, a fan hilariously joked that they couldn’t sleep because of Lisa’s Instagram photos, which many assumed were her recent posts.

Lisa acknowledged the fan, but when they suddenly explained that it was because the idol was so “sexy,” she got extremely shy and couldn’t help but cover her face to hide her reaction.

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t hide how adorable they thought Lisa was. Although the idol seemed confident on stage and sharing her sexy AF pictures, Lisa couldn’t help but get shy, and it showcases just why fans love her so much.

Lisa has changed lives with her recent photos and broke barriers within K-Pop! The idol should be proud, but her shy reaction just makes fans love her even more.

Source: sjwenn_62/Twitter




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