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BLACKPINK’s Rosé Has Fans Alarmed After Recent Photos Show Her Looking Shockingly Thin

Was it the angle, or seriously concerning?

On July 15, BLACKPINK held their encore concert for their BORN PINK world tour in Paris. Like all of their concerts for their highly successful tour, the girls put on a phenomenal show that left their fans with unforgettable memories.

Along with performing group songs, each of the members had their own solo stages as well. Rosé looked stunning in an iconic top from Saint Laurent‘s 2023 Spring/Summer collection for her “Gone” and “On the Ground” stages, showcasing her flawless charisma and elegance with her performance.

However, there were a couple photos taken during her solo stages that has left fans worried about her health due to how thin she appears.


In these photos, Rosé’s ribs are prominent, making her already thin figure seem even slimmer than usual.


Rosé is known for her strict dedication to keeping a small figure, and it has led to concern from fans in the past that she may be taking things too far. And these photos from the performance haven’t helped alleviate those worries.

Some netizens voiced their concern by saying, “She looks unwell” and “She looks like she could collapse any minute”.

However, there are other photos taken of her from the performance that don’t make her look quite as painfully thin.

It’s hard to tell if she is any thinner than usual or if it was just a combination of the angle, lighting, and timing of the pictures.

We sincerely hope that Rosé is happy and healthy and taking care of herself, especially with the stress and pressure of BLACKPINK’s ongoing world tour! They still have a couple of stops in Vietnam and the United States through August, and we wish her and the rest of the members all the best.




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